Bike Day

An cycling event for the whole family

A date no cyclist should ever miss out on: 11 June 2022 & 17 September 2022 marks the Sellaronda Bikeday, a cycling competition for everyone taking place on the Sella Group, a yearly siren’s call for countless cycling enthusiasts from near and far. The Sellaronda Bikeday is a celebration of everything cycling as the roads on the Sellaronda will be closed to cars, allowing cyclists to take over. The whole event boasts 53 km, while a 1,600 m elevation gain awaits those willing to complete the whole distance.

The Sellaronda Bike Day isn’t just a cycling race. No, quite the opposite: cyclists of all ages and levels will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful cycling tour featuring unique views on traffic-free roads, as the Sellaronda and its passes around the Sella Group will be closed to cars. Registration is free and there won’t be any timekeeping.

Signing up isn’t compulsory; however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow some rules. The roads will be closed exclusively between 8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. You can visit the dedicated online page to view the exact part of the road which will be closed. We recommend you cycle anticlockwise and stick to the right side of the road. The organiser expressly asks you to drive carefully and to adapt your speed even when descending to ensure that you don’t risk the well-being of other participants. After all, among the participants there will also be families, professional cyclists, unicycles, tandems and other unique forms.