in Val Gardena

St. Mary’s Parish Church in Selva Gardena: The 19th century neo-Gothic nave was demolished in 1988 and replaced by a modern octagonal structure. The beautiful chancel dating back to 1670, however, was preserved, complete with the painting of the Madonna with Child by Lukas Cranach on the high altar (now a copy). In 1503 Wilhelm von Wolkenstein had a chapel dedicated to the Virgin built here, which subsequently had to be enlarged several times to cope with the large numbers of people who came to this popular place of pilgrimage – as they still do today. On the outside wall of the sacristy there is a stone painted with the coat of arms of the Counts of Wolkenstein.

At the cemetery in Selva Gardena there is a memorial chapel built in memory of the mountaineers who lost their lives in the Dolomites of Val Gardena (like the legendary Emilio Comici in 1940). Their names areengraved for posterity in the great brass book.

St. Sylvester’s Chapel in Vallunga (Selva Gardena) is an attractive little building located at the beginning of the valley, just a few minutes’ walk from the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola. The religious origins of the site are unknown, but since time immemorial people have come from near and far to pray at this chapel, which is dedicated to the patron saint of cattle. Restoration work carried out in 1993 revealed over 300-year-old frescoes depicting the life of Jesus.