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Those who love hiking will love the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola. The Apartments are located amidst some splendid mountain landscape, hence, the perfect starting point for the most beautiful hiking tours. All you need to do is choose a tour, which exactly matches your requirements.

Alpe di Cisles

4-5 hours

From the Col Raiser cable car (2107 m) we take the path n. 4 that leads through a grove to the Refuge Firenze (2037 m) in 20 min. From here we take the path n.2 / 3 for the Puez and through a valley of pastures and a sparse hill of stone pine where usually many horses can be spot, we will arrive slightly uphill to the junction for the Sieles Pass. Here we take the trail 2B on the left and reach the grassy terrace of Plan Ciautier (2263 m) along the slopes of the Odle. From the trail are clearly visible the paths to the climb of Sass Rigais and Furcela de l'Ega. Continuing sideways slightly uphill we reach first Piera Longia, distinctive spike of very scenic rock and then the homonymous Malga (farm). Once passed the gate delimiting the Odle Puez park we descend towards Troier Hut (2271 m) and then along a bridle path in a few minutes we arrive at Daniel Hut (2196 m) for a deserved stop. To return, we continue to follow down the bridle path passing by the Fermeda Refuge, the Cuca Hut and Gamsblut Hut (1952m). From here we keep on going on a grassy descent to reach the saddle of Sangon Hut (1813 m). We pass in front of a small lake, on which surface the Odle is reflected, and going slightly uphill we get to the Juac Refugee (1903 m). Here we take the path n. 3 which going through a grassland brings us back to the hamlet of Daunei and then finally to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.

San Giacomo church

4 hours

We start directly by the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola and take the way to Plan da Tieja (St. Christina). From there we take the direction to Plesdinaz to reach the trail nr. 32. This trail we take until Col de Flam and the San Giacomo church. From that point we reach the Anna Valley. In the nice hut Anna Valley we take our lunch. After the break we go along the Anna Valley and reach Ortisei. From Ortisei we take the bus back to Selva (Hotel Oswald). From the Hotel Oswald we take the way back to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.

To the Rifugio Stevia

5 hours
Medium - Short

From our Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola we reach the hamlet of Daunei. After the Pension Daniel, we follow the road first and then path n.3 going through hay meadows. After the gate, delimiting the entrance to the Puez-Odle Park, the path starts to climb through a sparse wood, and then through a waterlogged stretch up to reach the green meadows of Juac (1900 m, about 1:15 h from Selva). From there we take the path n. 17 that goes to the right side, crosses some clearing first and then goes up and down through some gravely gullies until reaches the edge of the larch forest. Here the trail starts to climb halfway up and then with steep bends rises up with the help of steps to the S. Sylvester Pass (2380 m) from which we can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Val Gardena and the Vallunga canyon. From here we keep on following the trail n. 17 which bends left and brings in 15 min at Stevia Refugee (2312 m). Continuing on the grassy highland covered with edelweiss we can get to the top of Stevia (2555 m) in 30 min and then we return to the refuge for a well deserved break! We return back along the same path 17 and at the junction with the trail that comes from S. Sylvester Pass, we take the left path 17b, Troi Palota. We keep on going halfway down along the ridge, we cross over and start the descent on the green meadows of Steviola. The trail then begins to decline at bends along a gravely canyon up to a grassy floor and then descend steeply along other bends dominated by the rocks of Steviola, offering spectacular views on Selva and Val Gardena. The path finally enters into the forest to reach the hamlet of Daunei. The easy path n. 3 finally brings us back to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.

To the Rifugio Vicenza

5-6 hours
Medium - Short

From the mountain station of the Ciampinoi cable car (2256 m) we take the path number 21 and go down to the grassy Sella de Tieja (2096 m), then we proceed uphill around the Piz Sella. At the intersection with the path that comes from the Comici Refugee we take a right down towards a small pond, at which we turn left to the path n. 526. The trail goes first through a band of debris under the breathtaking wall of the north face of Sassolungo, 1000 m high, then across a landslide area and finally arrives to the pass of the Col de Mesdì (2114 m), disseminated with trees and rocks, where we meet the path coming from Mont Seura. From here the trail (n. 526) becomes narrow and goes down a steep bend and then it surrounds the western base of the Sassolungo. Going then uphill the trail bends among gravel and debris scattered with sparse vegetation to reach the mouth of the Sassolungo valley from which we can see the destination of the hike, the Vicenza Refugee (2253 m) perched beneath the towers of Sassopiatto. On the way back we go down from the Vicenza Refugee through the deep Sassolungo valley along the trail or the service road up to the meadows of Plans de Cunfin until we reach the bridle road and we turn right in direction of Mount Pana (1637 m). From there a path leads into the forest to Ciaslat first, and then to the hamlet of La Selva, and finally back to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.

To the Rifugio Puez in the Nature Park Puez-Odles

6 hours
Medium - Long

From the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola we go to the Dantercepies cable car and from the top station (2305 m) we go halfway along a path which brings to Clark Hut (2222 m). From here we start to climb along the Alta Via n. 2 entering the Park Puez-Odle. The trail climbs between gravel, Mughi pines and boulders up to a pass. It then descends among pinnacles and climbs to a steep ramp up to the Cir Pass (2469 m, 0:45 h). We pass through the gate and descend obliquely in the upper Val de Chedùl, then with a steep climb we reach the Crespeina Pass, indicated by a Cross and dominated by Sass Ciampac. The path descends with broad bends on a grassy meadow from which the Crespeina Lake is visible on the left. We then again go uphill onto rocky slabs, we cross a ridge, descend to the plateau Crespeina and halfway up after a short distance we come to the Ciampac Pass (2366 m) which offers a spectacular view over the canyon that leads to Alta Badia, dominated by Sass Ciampei and Sassongher. The trail then proceeds between the rocks, crosses a plateau bordered by impressive slopes offering a magnificent sight on the Vallunga canyon, Selva and the Scilliar. After one last stretch halfway up we get to the Puez Refuge (2475 m) for a break. We then continue on the trail to the left, still on the Alta Via n. 2. The trail runs halfway up overhanging the rocky wall above the Vallunga canyon, to reach the grassy hollow of Alpe di Puez (Munt de Puez). Here at the junction we leave the Alta Via leading to the Firenze Refugee and begin to descend the left into a deep valley. Further down the trail enters a sparse wood, and continues to descend halfway down until the junction at the beginning of the green pastures of Prà Ri (1790 m). Then the path proceeds through the initial stretch of Vallunga among woods and meadows until reaches the car park (2:15 h total) , and finally back to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.

Tour around the Sassolungo & Sassopiatto

6-7 hours
Medium - Long

From the station of the Ciampinoi cable car (2256 m) we take the path number 21 and go down to the grassy Sella de Tieja (2096 m), then continuing uphill around the Piz Sella to reach the Comici Refugee (2153 m) on the slopes of Sassolungo. Then we move on path 526/528 through the undulating meadows at the foot of the north-east wall (1800 m high) of the Sassolungo, rising vertically over the pastures. The path windes in the labyrinth of rocky boulders called "the city of stones" to reach the Sella Pass Refugee (2160 m). From behind the little church we follow sign n. 4 and take the famous Frederick Augustus trail that connects Passo Sella to the Alpe di Siusi, named after the King of Saxony, a lover of mountaineering and climbing, that in the years preceding the outbreak of World War I stayed several times in South Tyrol. We proceed past the Salei Refugee (2222 m) going up to the Forcella di Rodella (2318 m) via a wide grassland crossed by chairlifts. From here we proceed towards the west, passing near the Frederick Augustus Refugee and take a path that descends into a canyon of dark earth between rocks of tuff. Without large gradients the trail passes through the steep grassy slopes on the south side of Sassolungo, crossed by canals, and reaches the Sandro Pertini Refugee (2300 m, from Sella Pass 2 h). From here the trail continues between short rocky stretches toward the Sasso Piatto Refugee (2297 m, 1 h). We then follow the path to the Alpe di Siusi until the junction where we take the trail n. 527 to the Vicenza Refugee, which leads through a beautiful landscape. We proceed on a grassy plateau strewn with stone pine at the foot of the wild peaks of Sassopiatto and then across a scree until we get to the Vallone del Sassolungo. From the intersection with the path that leads to Vicenza Refugee we take the trail n. 526 that goes first halfway up under the wall of Sassolungo and then with 2 steep hairpin bends leads us to the Col de Mesdi. We keep on path n. 526 through a grassy plateau and then descend to the Plan de Sasslonch until the crossroads at which we take a left on the trail/road that descends in the Val d'Ampezzan reaching the farm Ciaslat. Here we cross the track, that in winter is the Ski World Cup downhill slope, to reach the hamlet of La Selva and following the path parallel to the road we return to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.

Sella Cross

6 hours

We start from the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola and go to the Oswald bus stop. From there on with the bus to the Passo Pordoi (ca. 35 min. by bus). At the Passo Pordoi we take the cable car to Sas Pordoi ( 2.926 meter) and have a breathtaking view of the Dolomites: Marmolada, Sassolungo, Sassopiatto, Monte Pelmo, Monte Antelao, Civetta. From here with the path number 627 we cross the Sella massive. In the middle of the cross we take a break at the Bamberger hut (Rif. Boe 2.871 Meter) and from there to the Piasciadu hut ( 2.585 Meter). A little break and than going up though Val Setus (in very few parts with rope). To the right in the direction of Passo Sella (2.221 Meter) and than with the chairlift to Dantercepies (2.298 Meter). A last unforgettable view of the whole Gardena Valley and with the cable car down to Selva. And from Selva back to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.