Walks in Val Gardena

Enjoy nature leisurely



Walk on path no. 14 from the entrance to the Vallunga valley to S. Silvestro chapel. The walk slowly becomes steeper as you stroll through larch and mountain pine thickets. No worries, as you can rest on the many benches and tables placed on the path: sit down, relax and revel in the unique view stretching out before you. The valley slowly becomes narrower as the vegetation predominantly turns to mountain pine groves. It then returns to its customary, wide expanse upon reaching the meadows. Continue walking until you reach rocky walls reaching to the sky. Return on the same path to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.

Panoramic path

From the Scoiattolo Hotel, near Selva Ski school, follow the steep, uphill path to the stunning views from the Sai Uedli panoramic outlook. Continue walking until you spot a pensive statue of the Virgin Mary, carved in 1999 by students of the Gardena Art school; move on to path 12 B to Costabella. Walk through Risaccia to enter the picturesque Vallunga valley and to the Apartments Residence – Wellnes Ariola.


Start from the Passo Sella bus stop and follow the signposts to Naturonda. You’ll come across Città dei sassi, resting at the bottom of the northern, vertical walls of the Sassolungo; continue on a jaw-dropping journey through a marvellous natural landscape. Information boards, placed along the walk, offer interesting titbits on local flora and fauna such as descriptions, food foraging and the habitat of wild foxes, rabbits and groundhogs living in Val Gardena. The boards also list interesting trivia on flora, geology and regional herbs. Return back on path no. 526.

"La ferata" - The old railway

Directly from your apartment on the Residence - Wellness Ariola it start on the promenade reaching to the old line of the legendary railway of Val Gardena is now used as a pleasant path for everyone suitable both during the day and in the evening. You can admire 2 sculptures of local artists long the line. In one hour you reach S. Cristina, continuing for a further hour to Ortisei, where you can take the bus back to Selva. You can follow the trail also in the other direction toward Plan, where you can admire another sculpture .

„Ntëur Sëlva“ - Around Selva

Directly from your apartment on the Residence - Wellness Ariola it start on the promenade reaching to the Selva Tourist Office and follow the main road and Rio Gardena stream to the S. Elisabeta house. Head deep into the valley, sticking to the streams’ course, until Plan. At the bus stop, cross the road and you’ll find yourself on the former railway tracks. Walk to the back of the Selva Ski School and after 100 m. take a left for a jolly stroll into the Vallunga valley. Take another left upon reaching S. Silvestro chapel and, at the crossroads, follow the directions to Daunëi. The path starts sloping downhill, snaking its way by many mountain farms: head towards the village centre and you’ll soon return to the Residence - Wellness Ariola.

Via Crucis

Start from Daunëi and follow the crossroads, running at the bottom of the Stevia, to the S. Silvestro chapel in the Vallunga valley. One of the oldest walks in Val Gardena with its very own 15 stations of the Cross. These were carved from tree trunks in 1983 by local artisans and artists. The ruins of Wolkenstein Castle loom halfway through the walk and, during summer, are well worth a visit. After all, we are talking of the main residence of the Wolkenstein – Trostburg royal house, whose origins hail back to the 13th century.