Sauna for every need, every size and aesthetic sense

A session in the sauna on the Residence – Wellness Ariola, It cheers you up, strengthens the immune system, has a performance enhancing effect and is relaxing. The sauna detoxifies and cleanses the body, stabilizes circulation and revitalises the entire human organism.

The Heating Phase

In the heating phase, the temperature of the skin raises by 10 degrees and the actual body temperature by 1 degree. This causes an increase in sweat production and an increase in metabolism. The heat has a purifying effect and stimulates the circulation of the skin. Blood pressure normalises and the muscles relax in harmony with the soul.

The Cooling Phase

During the cooling phase, body temperature normalises, blood is filled with oxygen and kidney function is stimulated. Heart frequency calms and the peripheral blood circulation improves. In addition, you feel fresh and physically stimulated.

The entire effect

Having a sauna helps purify and regenerate the skin, for it stimulates the production of new cells. Furthermore, a sauna session invigorates and strengthens the immune system. Due to this, the human organism is better protected against infection. Having a sauna trains the heart and the circulatory system, stimulates the pituitary gland and the adrenal cortex, harmonises the autonomic nervous system and increases one’s sense of well-being. In short, a sauna offers the best requirements to stay healthy and fit. Convincing technical, aesthetic and economic reasons for a sauna from Hofer Group. Choose according to your needs. Test our excellence service! All this is possible directly from your apartment at Residence – Wellness Ariola.