Kraxen hay baths

Phyto-balneotherapy purifies the skin and stimulates blood circulation thanks to the heat developed by fermented alpine herbs. Enjoy the warmth of the heat while comfortably sitting on a heated armchair, within the Wellness area from the Apartments Ariola.

At the beginning of the 20th century hay baths were considered natural treatments to sooth rheumatic complaints, hip and back pains, stiff necks, muscle contractions, muscle cramps, neuritis, sciatica, synovitis, stiff joints, and obesity

For a few years now hay baths may no longer be called cure treatments. Their positive effect has however never changed. Scientific documents underline the positive and long-lasting effect of 7 to 9 hay baths whose effects last from 8 to 10months in case of arthritis, sleeping disorders, digestive problems, and physiological or physical exhaustion.