Cross-Country Ski

Selva Gardena - Vallunga

In the north part of Selva in Vallunga there is a fantastic backdrop for the cross-country skier. A total of 12 km of trails lead from the Carabinieri Sports Centre to the end of the valley. There is a cross-country Ski School and ski hire at the start of the trail.

The cross-country skiing paradise Vallunga is located between 1,600 and 1,800 meters in altitude and is only 800 m away from your apartment Residence - Wellness Ariola.

It is located in the Puez - Geisler Nature Park northeast of Selva. Man exempted from the parish church of Selva after approx. 15-20 min. Walk the wonderful cross-country paradise Vallunga. Immediately after the Carabinieri training center there is a parking lot and a branch of the ski and cross-country school in Selva, which also serves as a meeting point and material depot. The cross-country trails extend across the entire valley. A first, somewhat more personal part, with two rings between 1, 2 and 3 km, is ideal for beginners and highly recommended. For experienced cross-country skiers north the Langental another 5 km of trails. With a total of 12 km of trails, the Vallunga is certainly a true cross-country skiing paradise for young and old, framed by the state mountain scenery of Stevia, Puez and Cir. It is not uncommon to see different fauna up close and live different animals such as deer, chamois, etc. The golden eagle is at home on the Stevia. The Vallunga is also a true hiking and walking paradise.